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Late Breaks in Luxembourg

Breaks in Luxembourg
Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, and the world’s only sovereign Grand Duchy. It has a population of around 450,000 and sits between the borders of Belgium, Germany and France.

The country is relatively new compared to the history of its surrounding nations. Luxembourg’s records dates back to 963AD when the crowning Luxembourg Castle was developed as a fort for the region.

These days, Luxembourg is a strong industrial nation with a healthy economy and extremely low levels of unemployment. It has a curious reputation for tourists and often acts as a stop gap between the more integral countries of Europe, but the destination has plenty to offer for those who are sampling the Luxembourg way of life.

Much of the tourist activity is centered on Luxembourg City, the capital and largest city – which isn’t saying much given that its home to just 75,000 natives, but it does happen to be one of the richest cities in the world. You’d be hard pressed to find a location that takes better advantage of banking and administration services to support its economy.

Luxembourg can seem like a very modern nation with its cosmopolitan town centers and heavy traffic, but behind the first metropolitan impressions you’ll find a nation brimming with cultured history and great pride.

One of the most obvious attractions lies in the impressive fortifications built around the time of Luxembourg’s earliest recognized history.  Being in such a strategic position on the European map required that the nation be heavily protected from invasions and although they inevitably happened, many of the architecturally impressive castles and towers still remain.

Kirchberg is an extremely important town for Luxembourg and can be found in the north east. It’s the home of several integral European Institutions, including the European Court of Justices, The Secretariat of the European Parliament and the European Investment Bank among others.

For a nation of such tiny size, it would be foolish to mistake Luxembourg as insignificant in the continental landscape of how Europe is run.

The Grand-Ducal Palace is a popular touring destination and marks the home of the famous Grand Duke of Luxembourg, who runs the nation as head of state. While not as expansive as other significant palaces, it certainly has a distinct theme with its towering spires and dense structure.

You can also find the Chamber of Deputies in Luxembourg City, which is where the country makes its political decisions in parliament.

There are plenty of galleries scattered around the country, some of which make for intriguing viewing given the unusual blend of culture that Luxembourg has borrowed from its foreign inhabitants. It’s hard to determine whether the nation is more geared towards Roman or Germanic way of life, but there are clear instances of both in the national art galleries. You’ll also find plenty of sculptures and various examples of delicate architectural craft in the way that the buildings merge together.

Luxembourg is rarely given due consideration as a tourist destination, but don’t let its size fool you. Very few European nations can match the quiet charm of this developed sanctity. The atmosphere is typically very friendly and there are plenty of historical landmarks to satisfy those with the intent to explore.

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