Brits 'unaware' they have 132 days off annually

British workers are still not using their annual leave to take a holiday and get a change of scenery, according to one report.

Lonely Planet, which specialises in advising travellers about the best places to go on holiday around the globe, claims that the average Briton has "more than a third of the year to themselves", despite many people thinking they have little time off.

But when including bank holidays, weekends and annual paid leave, UK workers in fact have a massive 132 days off – more than enough to head away somewhere nice once or twice a year.
Lonely Planet's Frances Linzee Gordon said: "We know misery among Britons is at its worst in January…We're advising them to think about how to use their 132 non-work days and make the most of them, whether it be an evening class, weekend getaway or adventure of a lifetime."

Heading away to the sun is the top plan for most Britons, with a recent poll revealing some 15 million plan to book their holidays in the first two months of the year. Spain, Italy, the Canaries and Greece are currently favoured by Brits, but upcoming destinations include Croatia, Malta and Bulgaria.


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