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Holiday Check List

Documents and papers
  • confirm your flight reservation
  • get up-to-date vaccinations for your destination, and take documentation
  • tickets
  • photocopies of documents (pack separately from originals)
  • email scanned copies of documents to yourself, or leave copies with a friend or family member
  • credit cards/travellers' cheques/currency
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (for healthcare in a European Economic Area country, or Switzerland)
  • check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for last-minute travel advice
  • up-to-date passport/visa
  • driving licence (international, if required)
  • travel insurance
  • write your destination on your home address and outbound luggage labels
House and pets:
  • tell a neighbour you'll be away
  • if your car is alarmed, leave spare keys with a neighbourthrow/give away any fresh food
  • for long periods of travel, have the post office hold your mail at the depot
  • unplug electrical appliances, except freezer and fridge
  • arrange cattery/kennels, feeders or walkers for pets
  • leave spare keys/contact number with someone you trust
  • ask someone to water your plants
  • lock windows and doors
  • set timers, to make your house appears occupied
  • be discreet about going away to reduce the risk of burglary
Hand luggage:
  • camera, mobile phone, laptop
  • medication (check restrictions)
  • essential replacements in case your hold luggage doesn't arrive at your destination
  • MP3/mini-disk/CD player, and spare batteries
  • support socks/leg exerciser for long flights
  • glasses, spare contact lenses, if required
  • small amount of cash for when you arrive
  • books, magazines, newspapers
  • moisturiser and bottled water (check restrictions)
  • sweets for take-off and landing, to help stop your ears popping
  • check current official restrictions on hand luggage
General packing:
  • suntan lotion and after-sun
  • phrasebook/guidebook
  • travel plugs/adaptors
  • first-aid kit
  • toiletries