Athens City Breaks


Many head to Athens to bask in the city’s world famous heritage, but the city also offers a wealth of nightlife with bars, night clubs and cafes.

Standing above the city, the iconic Acropolis draws millions of tourists each year, but perhaps the best way to view them is from the overlooking rooftop garden bars.
The garden bars in the centre of Athens over brilliant views and a great welcome and are the perfect starting point on a city break. For traditional nights out with the best Greek food and music the district of Plaka is the area to head to. Plaka is the oldest part of modern Athens and its complex layout and narrow streets matches in parts the streets of ancient Athens, while restaurants in the area cater for the many tourists and residents alike who are searching for traditional fare.

The hip areas to head for the best new bars and clubs are Gazi, Psirri, Kolonaki and Exarcheia.

Exarcheia offers smaller more bohemian watering holes and is favoured by Athenian artists and students. Meanwhile, Kolonaki has a selection a more contemporary bars and restaurants which the yuppie set head.

Psirri and Gazi are the districts to head to if you want a night on the tiles.

Clubs here cover almost every genre of music from jazz to techno.

While Gazi is the former industrial area of Athens, giving a modern and cutting edge feel, the trademark of Psirri is its small bars – or mezedopoleia – serving Greek appetizers, wine, ouzo and rakomelo, a potent mix of the Cretan raki, and honey.

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