Latebreaks in vienna

Late Breaks in Vienna:  Vienna is a city famed for its old fashioned blend of musical inspiration and modernised living.

The capital of Austria, and by far the biggest city in the country, it comes as no surprise to learn that Vienna is where you will find the hub of political and economic activity for the southeastern European country.

It’s rare to find a city that offers such a wide variety of activities to suit the entire family, but Vienna does just that.

There can be no mistaking the spiritual musical current that runs through the region.

A devoted follower of opera tradition, both past and present.

Vienna also holds a passionate place in its heart for the theatre, which you’ll scarcely find elsewhere in modern Europe.

There’s no end to the number of musical performances you can expect to uncover during peak season when some of the world’s finest musicians come to the city.

Vienna natives absolutely love to spend a night at the opera and the culture is deeply ingrained in much of the population.

Speaking of which, Vienna is populated fairly heavily with close to 2 million people living in the city.

What seems like a lot at first can actually be mistaken, since Vienna is actually a very mellow city to visit.

It’s not as chaotic as some of the other areas in the south eastern region of Europe.

Away from its musical pride, Vienna takes equal joy from the sheer quality of foods available for the paying public.

Austrians certainly aren’t mistreated. You’ll find a number of pastries on sale down most streets and the quality of the drinks is second to none.

There can’t be too many cities around the globe that do cuisine as well as this.

Indeed, so impressive is this fascination with food that Vienna can lay claim to a genre of its own; Viennese cuisine.

It doesn’t take long upon arriving in Vienna to appreciate that you’re walking in a city of many different cultures.

There are an increasing number of foreigners moving to the city thus making for a truly multi-cultural vibe.

For most, English will be the second language behind German. But it shouldn’t pose too many problems and the transport network is excellent.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find yourself lost or confused in the city – and even if you do, the people are extremely friendly by nature.

One of the lowest crime rates in Europe is a testament to the peaceful nature of the city, and the country.

If you’re a free spirit, and like to make the absolute most of your travels, feel obliged to stop by at the colossal Donauturm structure.

An impressive architectural feat in itself, the undoubted highlight of the building is the ability to bungee jump from some 160 meters in the air.

How’s that for a great view of Vienna? Likewise, for those who prefer to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground, there’s a wonderful revolving restaurant at the top of the structure which looks out on to the city in style.

Culture vultures should feel equally enchanted at the prospect of visiting the acclaimed Kunsthistorisches Museum.

With a huge array of artefacts and sculptures gracing the vast premises, don’t expect to take it all in over the course of a single day.

There are several other galleries and minor museums dotted around the city but none compare to the sheer size of Kunsthistorisches.

Over recent years, Vienna has shown signs of developing a prominent nightlife, particularly on the eastern side of the city.

You can find plenty of medium sized clubs and the excellent transport infrastructure supports a metropolitan lifestyle that probably wouldn’t be evident during the day.

There truly is a whole host of attractions available for just about everybody in the family.

For that reason, Vienna is arguably one of the favourite destinations for holidays in the south east of Europe.

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