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Latebreaks Malaga

Malaga is growing in popularity with a quiet historical charm to draw travelers away from the more traditional Spanish resorts.

Latebreaks Low Cost Holidays, visit one of Spain’s most prominent coastal cities.

Situated in the south and famed for the port that it overlooks, Malaga has a population of around 500,000.

The first thing to notice if you happen to arrive across the sea is unquestionably the expansive harbour.

With such a wide reaching port, the city has regularly been compared to Naples in Italy, although the comparison stops there.

Malaga relies heavily on the agricultural sector and also a healthy tourism industry which rakes in a hefty profit every year.

The city hasn’t always been a popular resort with many visitors overlooking the industrial tone of the town and flavoring the Costa del Sol instead.

That looks to be changing, however, and a rise in tourists is boosting the economy with extremely low flights available in to the heart of the city.

One of the most popular landmarks in the city’s history is undoubtedly the La Manquita Cathedral.

Construction on the impressive building started in the sixteenth century and was ongoing for almost 200 years.

It has a distinct Renaissance influence hanging over it, although the cathedral was never actually completed to its original specification.

Besides the cathedral, Malaga has many churches dotted around the city; some of these are incredibly well designed from an architectural standpoint.

Much of Malaga’s beauty may be hidden at first sight with the industrial theme of the city circling the central area.

A hint of patience and the willingness to explore the right areas is sure to uncover some famous historical landmarks though, and it seems that the touring public is warming to Malaga’s cultured lifestyle.

Pablo Picasso is the stereotypical favourite son of the city and those interested in his life can visit the house that he grew up in.

The small patched up residence was declared an artistic monument in the 1980’s and in 1991 it was appointed the official headquarters of The Picasso Foundation.

Malaga also hosts the fine Gibralfaro Castle which provides a great day out for the entire family.

The trail up to the castle is a popular walk for tourists and once at the crest of the hill, you’ll find some truly spectacular panoramic views of the city.

The transportation system isn’t as efficient as that of a Madrid or Barcelona.

Buses are the normal way of getting around town but many choose to walk from landmark to landmark, appreciating the quieter life and taking in the sights.

Malaga, as you’d expect, enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate.

Temperatures will often soar during the summer and can provide a stern introduction to Spanish life if you’re making your first visit.

It remains to be seen whether Malaga will continue to prosper and catch up with its famous Spanish rivals for tourist attention, but evidence suggests that it’s heading in the right direction!

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