Ibiza Latebreaks

For those with a taste for the wild nightlife, there are not too many destinations that can compare to Ibiza for sheer party atmospheres.

Owned by Spain, and one of the Balearic Islands, it’s a hugely popular summer location for young adults with a prominent blend of House and Trance music taking centre stage.

Although not to everybody’s taste, the island provides entertainment long in to the night – and following morning – in a way that makes other island resorts look completely inadequate.

The nightlife is so important to the resort that a walk on the beach in the morning can prove quite a lonely affair.

With much of the tourist population recovering in bed, the island can take on one of two states; party paradise or mellow beauty.

Divided in to three main cities – Ibiza Town, Santa Eulària del Riu and Sant Antoni de Portmany – Ibiza has a known history of about 2500 years.

It’s been fought over several times with different invasions to try and uproot the island.

But more recently in the 1970’s, it found democracy and a place in the Balearic Autonomous Community.

The clamour for hotel places on the island has followed a recent trend mirroring the explosion of the electronic music era.

While the phase shows no sign of relenting, the island is happy to receive so much foreign attraction and rakes in a tremendous profit from the partying lifestyle.

For those heading to the Spanish island for the late night fun, Ibiza Town and San Antonio will likely be the two main targets.

Both host an incredibly loud and atmospheric club scene which can be found packed to the rafters through the peak summer months.

Privilege is probably the most famous club, with a proud reputation as the largest of its kind in the world.

But there are other enormous attractions in the shape of the foam fest Amnesia and Es Paradís, where visitors can prepare to be soaked and drowned out in deafening music at the same time.

A holiday spent living in nightclubs probably isn’t going to satisfy everybody, but there’s plenty of other attractions to keep the rest of the family happy.

Famed for its party fever, many are oblivious to the fact that Ibiza has some of the most beautiful disregarded beaches in the whole of Europe.

Of course, there are busier locations gathered around the major hotels where it can be a tight squeeze to lay your towel down, but not everywhere.

Cala Vadella is a large bay where temperatures can escalate to extreme heat, so don’t forget the sun tan lotion if you visit it.

From Vadella, it’s possible to hire jet skis and other forms of boats to spend a relaxing afternoon on the sea.

Most will probably need it after the night before. Ibiza is also home to a surprisingly admirable culture of architectural glory.

Dalt Vila is a particularly good destination for those who wish to appreciate the island’s more sensual side.

Home to a medieval fortress with famously patched up streets and a rising castle, there’s plenty to marvel at with a walk to the top.

Given the elevated situated of the fort, the views from the top are incredibly picturesque and worthy of any photo album.

Plenty of historical monuments can be enjoyed around the location of the castle and there are many beautiful shops amongst the tiny streets that surround it.

Just the sight of the fortress is enough to earn gasps of awe, especially with the sun setting romantically over the horizon.

Ibiza isn’t a seasonal resort, While it’s certainly true that the majority of visitors flock there during summer, the island can still be enjoyed through the winter months.

Many of the 30,000 natives who live there will openly appoint the cold Novembers and Decembers as the best place to truly take in the beauty of the island.

Judging by the sheer numbers that arrive at the height of summer, they’re probably right.

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